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IMPORTANT: If you do not elect your benefits during the annual Open Enrollment period or within 31 days of your date of hire, you will not have Roper St. Francis Healthcare health plan coverage until the next year unless you have a qualified life event as defined by the IRS.


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Your Benefits Eligibility

Your Benefits Eligibility

Roper St. Francis Healthcare provides you with various benefits designed to meet your needs. Eligibility for certain benefits depends on your normal number of scheduled hours per pay period.

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Your Benefits Eligibility (2024)
All Employees403(b) Retirement
Workers’ Compensation
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Discount Program
Fiducius Student Loan Relief
LifeMatters Family Services
30 or More Hours Per Pay PeriodAll of the above, plus

Flexible Spending Account
Health Savings Account
Short-Term Disability
Life Insurance
Supplemental Life Insurance
Child Life Insurance
60 or More Hours per Pay Period

All of the above, plus

Long-Term Disability
When You and Your Spouse Both Work for RSFH

If you and your spouse both work for RSFH, you may not enroll for dual coverage under the Medical, Dental, Vision and Dependent Life Insurance plans. That is, neither one of you can be enrolled both as an employee and as a dependent. Your dependent children may be enrolled under either parent, but not both parents.

If You and Your Spouse Both Have Coverage

Individuals may be protected by more than one group health plan. Most group health plans include provisions to keep the cost of medical care down by eliminating duplicate payment of benefits. When our plan is determined to be secondary and the benefit is less than or equal to what the other carrier paid, no payment will be made under our plan. This is commonly referred to as “coordination of benefits.”

Special Note: The IRS recognizes any same-sex marriage legally entered into in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, a U.S. territory or a foreign country. That means you can pay your share of contributions for coverage of your same-sex spouse under an RSFH-sponsored health plan on a pre-tax basis and you can use your Health FSA for your same-sex spouse’s eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses.